Month: November 2017

Smile Issues: When You Slip Up!

Yes, we are talking about when you literally slip with your hand. Perhaps you’re eating something and you slip, causing your fork or a chip to hurt your soft tissue. Maybe you’re brushing your teeth, you get a little too forceful, and you scrape your gums up just a bit. It can feel a little… Read more »

Lip Balm: 2 Times You’ll Want It!

Men and women, young and not-so-young, you will be surprised by how helpful this tip might prove to be for you this winter! We suggest that you find a lip balm you like and use it frequently to protect your lip health. Why is this suddenly such a major matter at the moment? When might… Read more »

Quiz: Is It About Time For A Dental Visit?

Is it probably time you picked up the phone to let us know you’re ready for a dental visit? Is it probably time but you’re coming up with rationalizations to convince yourself that you can wait longer until your next appointment? Are you worried that the minor concern you have is really nothing at all… Read more »

This Holiday: 3 Things You Can (And Should) Avoid

If you think we’re going to tell you to avoid certain foods and having a generally wonderful time for the 2017 holidays, think again! The suggestions we have for your oral health are actually extremely simple to follow, while offering exceptional protection.