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Bonding and Contouring For Your Best Smile

For most patients, a healthy smile is one of the top dental goals. That means regular checkups and cleanings, attention to detail when brushing at home, and paying attention to changes that could signal an issue. If you have those basics under control, you might be thinking about cosmetic dental concerns that keep you from… Read more »

Answers To Questions Frequently Asked About: Contouring!

The idea of dental contouring for your smile might cause you to light up! The benefits that you learn about instantly put you at ease, letting you know that there really is something out there that can help you achieve your esthetic goals. Of course, with that said, you may still have a list of… Read more »

There’s No Use Crying Over Chipped Teeth

It’s not a well known phrase by any means but there’s quite a lot of truth behind it! There really is no use crying over chipped teeth. However, when you are the individual to whom the chip has occurred, it can certainly feel a bit traumatic in the very beginning. That is, until you realize… Read more »

Lots And Lots of Questions About Bonding

You might like what you’ve learned about dental bonding thus far. Do you feel like an absolute expert on the topic yet, though? If you’re shaking your head “no” from side to side, then we know you probably have lots and lots of remaining questions about this treatment. That’s perfectly wonderful! Of course, we encourage… Read more »

Tooth Contouring: Your Oh-So-Common Questions!

You might already know that what you really want for your smile is tooth contouring. You know this because there are areas of your smile that would look so much better if you were to remove a little bit of tissue. When is this relevant, you ask? Well, when a tooth is extra long, when… Read more »

Q&A: Bonding And Your Needs

Is dental bonding right for me, you wonder? If so, you probably have some reservations about which cosmetic treatment is best for your particular cosmetic concerns, you may wonder about issues like affordability, and you might simply feel uncertain about when the time is right for esthetic improvements. It is always our pleasure to answer… Read more »

Are You Happy With The Shape Of Your Teeth?

Most everyone knows that a smile is important. A healthy, vibrant smile with straight white teeth can go a very long way. Research indicates that it can get you more dates, more attention, more smiles, more jobs, and more money! If you are unhappy with your smile, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars… Read more »

How Do You Bond With Your Dentist?

Many people do bond with their dentist but in this play on words dental bonding is not about bonding with your dentist. It’s a dental procedure using a composite resin material that blends with your teeth. Dental bonding can give you a new smile and repair the functionality of damaged teeth. Have you heard of… Read more »

What Is Tooth Contouring?

With all the popular books, TV shows, and movies, vampires are in…but you may not want to look like one. If your bicuspids are super pointy, verging on “vampire teeth,” they can be corrected with an easy and minimally invasive procedure. Odd shaped, unevenly shaped, chipped teeth, and overlapping teeth can all be remedied too…. Read more »

How to Handle a Chipped Chomper

Maybe you bumped your tooth on the microphone at karaoke or took a softball to the face while playing catch in the backyard. Whatever the cause, there’s nothing like accidentally chipping a tooth to make a grown person feel a bit slow and uncoordinated. Once you get over your embarrassment, though, you should follow these… Read more »