Tooth Contouring: Your Oh-So-Common Questions!

You might already know that what you really want for your smile is tooth contouring. You know this because there are areas of your smile that would look so much better if you were to remove a little bit of tissue. When is this relevant, you ask? Well, when a tooth is extra long, when it’s got a sharp point, when it has a rough border or texture, or when you are dealing with some asymmetry to your smile or awkward shaping. While you might love all of these benefits because they speak to your concerns, you may still be asking yourself some questions (that you can most certainly ask us). Let our Ankeny, IA team start by answering a few!

Questions and Answers

Question: Can I choose tooth contouring for the teeth that need it and also choose dental bonding for other teeth that need extra tissue? Or, is it important that I just rely on one or the other?

Answer: You may feel free to use both or either of these. It’s all about your particular needs. Don’t worry that you’ll have to do any type of advanced consideration in order to figure out what you need. This is something we help you with when you come in for a cosmetic consultation. We’ll take a detailed look and then a big-picture look at your smile to ensure we know what your goals are. We may then collaborate with you, selecting the treatments best suited to your hopes. Hint: Bonding and contouring work well as counterparts!

Question: Is it actually okay for me to come in to have some of my enamel taken away? Isn’t it important that I keep as much of my dental tissue intact as possible? I’m not sure what to think about this aspect of tooth contouring,

Answer: It’s perfectly safe. We preserve the tissue that you need in order to protect your oral health. However, removing mere millimeters from your enamel (once we have thoroughly examined your smile) is a minimal change that offers a big (and safe) improvement.

Question: What if I also want teeth whitening because I’m not very happy with the current shade of my smile? Can I wait until after tooth contouring or do I have to do it before?

Answer: If you’re selecting only contouring and are not planning on receiving bonding, then you may whiten at any time. However, if you plan on combining contouring with bonding, remember to whiten first to ensure the bonded area matches your newly brightened smile.

Learn The Tooth Contouring Facts During A Consultation

Talk with our friendly team during a consultation, as we explain contouring and other cosmetic treatments that may help improve your smile. Find out if you’re making good choices by scheduling a visit with your Ankeny, IA dentist today! Contact Peddicord Family Dentistry to set up an appointment by calling 515-963-3339.