Month: December 2018

Correcting Smile Flaws Can Help You Boost Your Confidence

Is your dissatisfaction with your smile interfering with your life? How often do you find yourself hiding your teeth in group photos, or when talking to someone new? Even if they cause no problems for your oral health, common superficial tooth flaws can be a real problem for your emotional well-being. Fortunately, cosmetic dental procedures… Read more »

Let’s Talk Holiday Treats And Smile Protection

It’s that special, twinkling, chilly, lovely time of year again: The winter holidays have officially arrived! To you and yours, this means lots of fun, food, friends, family, and just about everything that puts a smile on your face. To our Ankeny, IA team? It means finding a way to help you protect that smile… Read more »

Prevention In The New Year: Helping You Feel Motivated!

If you are like many patients, one of the things you’d like to get motivated for in the new year is your smile! You want to know that you’re doing your best with preventive care but that doesn’t mean you really know how to motivate yourself. Guess what? Our Ankeny, IA team happens to be… Read more »

Unexpected Broken Tooth: Reasons This Happens

One of the things we notice from our patients is that beyond the frustration of dealing with a broken tooth is the frustration that comes from not understanding why it happened in the first place. In certain instances, things just don’t go your way and accidents lead to trauma. In other cases, it’s often something… Read more »