Unexpected Broken Tooth: Reasons This Happens

One of the things we notice from our patients is that beyond the frustration of dealing with a broken tooth is the frustration that comes from not understanding why it happened in the first place. In certain instances, things just don’t go your way and accidents lead to trauma. In other cases, it’s often something you might have been able to foresee and stop before it occurred. How to know what’s what? Well, our Ankeny, IA team can offer beneficial information to help you maintain intact, strong teeth!

You Weren’t Paying Attention To Your Food

We mention to our patients more often than not that it’s always a good idea to actually look at the foods you’re eating before you bite into them. Remember that any mindless snacking in which you pop a handful of food into your mouth without seeing it first means that you could be eating something that’s harder than you realize. When you bite down full force, the resistance can lead to a tooth that gives way and results in a cracked or broken tooth. Be careful, slow down, inspect your snack or meal, and you should be A-OK.

It Was A Complete Accident

Your broken tooth isn’t necessarily the result of something you’re not doing with exceptional success. For instance, let’s say you’re out and about, someone excitedly telling a story throws their arms out, and you end up getting innocently smacked in the mouth. It could lead to damage! This type of accident can occur if you fall, if you’re playing sports, and more. So, recognize that sometimes accidents happen. Fortunately, we are here to help.

Your Tooth Needed Dental Care

In some cases, your tooth is already quite vulnerable. This may happen if you haven’t been giving it the attention it needs with preventive care, so it is weak. Or, it may need a filling for a dental cavity but you ignore it. The result? Decay removes a lot of your tissue, so the tooth is frail and ready to break at any moment. When your smile is healthy and strong, you’re not in such a susceptible state! Come in twice every year for cleanings and checkups. Schedule any restorative care we suggest. That way, you’ll be just fine.

See Our Team For Prevention To Avoid Serious Damage

Set yourself up for excellent oral health and the ability to prevent most problems (like broken teeth) with our team! Protect your smile by scheduling a visit with your Ankeny, IA dentist today! Contact Peddicord Family Dentistry to set up an appointment by calling 515-963-3339.