Month: July 2017

3 Surprising Causes Of A Broken Tooth

The good news when it comes to a broken tooth is the fact that we can fix the problem with restorative care. However, you may be throwing your arms up, saying, “Yes, that’s great to hear but isn’t there something I can do to avoid breaking my teeth in the first place?” Of course, the… Read more »

Uses Of A Dental Crown

A dental crown is a protective prosthetic used to restore a tooth in both appearance and function. Technological advances have made crowns more lifelike. Lifelike in their appearance, but also in their lifetime matching a natural tooth. The porcelain material matches the look and functionality of a real tooth. It is also quite durable. With… Read more »

Smile Spaces: Common Questions (And Answers)

Do you have a smile space as the result of tooth loss? Maybe it’s a little tiny space that’s always been there and you’ve never been very happy about it. There are different types of gaps and openings that can occur within your smile, some of which are harmless and some of which you should… Read more »

Healthy Gums Are Important To A Healthy Smile

If you fail to pay attention to your periodontal health, you are ignoring a consequential aspect of your oral health. Your gum health can have a big impact on the future of your smile. In fact, the reason most people lose their teeth in their later years is due to advanced gum disease. Your dentist… Read more »