Uses Of A Dental Crown

uses of a dental crownA dental crown is a protective prosthetic used to restore a tooth in both appearance and function. Technological advances have made crowns more lifelike. Lifelike in their appearance, but also in their lifetime matching a natural tooth. The porcelain material matches the look and functionality of a real tooth. It is also quite durable. With the same maintenance you would care for your natural teeth, a crown can last a lifetime. When are the most common occasions that your dentist will use a dental crown?

Restoring a damaged tooth

Cavities that are caught early enough can be treated with a composite filling. However as a cavity progresses, it can get deeper into the tooth. Once it reaches the inner pulp and roots, a root canal treatment may be required to clean out the infection and decay. A tooth that has been treated with a root canal will be partial and vulnerable. A crown will be applied to protect it. Some teeth are injured in an accident resulting in a severe crack. A crown may be necessary to restore it to chewing and biting function.

Severe cosmetic issues

Some cosmetic issues can not be rectified with veneers or whitening. Some situations are severe enough to require a crown to restore them back to their appearance. Some staining and discoloration can be so deep within the layers of the tooth that it can never be reversed. A crown can be color-matched to the other teeth for a natural appearance. Oddly shaped teeth can be covered with a crown to fit in with the rest of the teeth.

Dental implants

When a tooth is extracted or removed, a dental implant may be necessary to prevent bone loss. A dental implant replaces the roots. A crown would replace the tooth.

You may need a dental crown

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