Month: May 2017

Bruxism Treatment: Why You Should Say Yes

Have you been saying no to bruxism treatment? Perhaps you’ve been thinking it over but you don’t really understand whether coming in to see us for your functional disorder (you might grind your teeth involuntarily, clench them, or both) is absolutely essential. To take any guesswork or doubt out of the equation, we proudly provide… Read more »

Dos and Don’ts: How To Achieve Enjoyable Flossing

If you floss your smile on a daily basis, then you are doing a wonderful job at upholding the guidelines and efforts required of your dental hygiene. We applaud your decision to remain so dedicated to enjoying a healthy grin. However, just because you are going through the motions doesn’t mean that you are so… Read more »

Root Canal Quiz: What You Need To Know

If you didn’t need a root canal treatment, you may have never developed any desire to learn about the details. However, now that you do require one for your oral health, you are likely filled to the brim with inquiries about what you can expect. We are happy to report that everything you learn will… Read more »

Dental Implants: Are You Ready Today?

It can feel like a huge undertaking to announce that today is the day you’re ready for dental implants if you’re not really certain about what to expect. When you do know what you’re going to be looking forward to, it’s often simple to just say, “Sure! Let’s move forward!” As a result, we encourage… Read more »

Dental Filling Quiz: True Or False?

There might not ever be a moment in your life when you jump for joy when we report to you that it’s time for a dental filling. However, it’s important that you don’t feel the need to shrink away from this recommendation when your smile calls for it. As a result, we wonder, do you… Read more »