Month: September 2017

Quiz: Questions, Concerns, And Craze Lines

Are you someone who is looking very closely in the mirror lately because you’re obsessed with what looks like a very faint crack in your tooth? Are you also worrying a lot because you’re concerned this is a very big deal and you don’t really want to face the music? Fortunately, you’re probably seeing a craze… Read more »

Brushing Your Tongue: True-Or-False Quiz

There are many “age old questions” out there that may leave you stumped for many years. One of them that does not need to keep you questioning what’s true and what is not: Whether or not you need to brush your tongue. The answer will always be that you should most certainly clean this part… Read more »

Canker Sores: Let’s Talk Details

We know that the arrival of a canker sore in your mouth is not something that you find yourself celebrating. To the contrary, it can get in the way of your daily life because associated discomfort often makes eating and speaking uncomfortable. Fortunately, this type of change in your mouth is generally not a very… Read more »

3 Very Important Gingivitis Details

If you’re not a master of gingivitis information, then you probably haven’t experienced it! This, of course, is a good thing. However, that does not make you immune. As a result, we feel very strongly about ensuring you feel informed regarding this stage of gum disease. When you’re educated with details about prevention and early… Read more »