Month: April 2015

Compelling Reasons To Schedule Dental Cleanings

Surely, you can think of a very long list of exciting ways to spend your time and getting your teeth cleaned is probably not one of them. While we understand it may not be your favorite way to spend a small portion of your day, we think you may feel a bit more enthusiastic about… Read more »

Preventive Dentistry: Test Your Knowledge

You may feel like you have spent your entire life hearing about the importance of preventive dentistry. In fact, you probably feel pretty certain that when we suggest you visit us once every six months for a preventive visit that we are doing you a major favor. However, because you may not fully know why… Read more »

What to Do About Cracks, Spaces, Chips, and More

Did you chip a tooth? Perhaps your tooth displays a small crack that hasn’t damaged its health but that you cannot stand to look at in the mirror. Are you someone whose teeth have small spaces between them, which causes you to wish your smile appeared more beautifully consistent? Fortunately, we can address these cosmetic… Read more »

Whitening Your Smile: FAQs

Have you found yourself attempting to hide your smile by keeping your lips over your teeth? Perhaps you cover your smile with your hand as often as possible because of discoloration that has left you with a yellow or dim grin, rather than a glowing white one. While you may feel like your teeth will… Read more »