Q&A: Bonding And Your Needs

Is dental bonding right for me, you wonder? If so, you probably have some reservations about which cosmetic treatment is best for your particular cosmetic concerns, you may wonder about issues like affordability, and you might simply feel uncertain about when the time is right for esthetic improvements. It is always our pleasure to answer your questions, particularly when you’re doing your best to remain proactive about your smile and oral health! A quick Q&A session will get you started regarding the details of bonding.

Questions and Answers

Question: What types of cosmetic concern can I treat with dental bonding?

Answer: Bonding allows you to treat just about any cosmetic issue if it requires the placement of more tooth tissue. Granted, we cannot place natural dental tissue. Instead, we use color-customized composite to replicate tissue, repairing chips, minor cracks, stains, thin teeth, spaces, short teeth, and concerns with texture.

Question: Is bonding something that a lot of patients can work into their budgets?

Answer: Yes, dental bonding is often sought out not only for its esthetic benefits and convenience but also for its affordability. When you wish to make beautiful improvements but you don’t want to stretch your budget too significantly, ask about bonding.

Question: How do I know whether you’ll agree to provide me with cosmetic care? Are there some prerequisites to dental bonding that I should be aware of?

Answer: In general, qualifying for bonding means you need to have a healthy smile and that you require additional tissue for improvements. To determine whether you’re a candidate, need a different treatment, or require restorative care first, just schedule a visit with us.