Myth Or Fact?: Electric Toothbrushes

mythsfactsscaleHave you been hearing mixed reviews from friends and family about electric toothbrushes? While you certainly have the best of intentions regarding your dental hygiene and the products you choose, you may find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place on this one. Rather than spending any more time trying to decide who to believe, we have suggestions! First, contact us to set up a visit – you will be able to ask your questions when we see you. Next, gain some clarity regarding common myths, so you have a solid grasp of what these high-powered brushes may offer.

Electric Toothbrushes: Myth or Fact?

  1. Myth or Fact: Electric toothbrushes can get your teeth cleaner than a manual brush in some instances because they provide you with approximately 10,000 strokes for every minute you brush.
  2. Myth or Fact: An electric brush is often better than a manual brush for patients who tend to use too much force during dental hygiene session. As a result, electric versions can protect against issues like gum recession.
  3. Myth or Fact: Traveling with an electric toothbrush is extremely difficult because of the huge charger and the large size of the brush.

Answer Key

  1. Fact. You may be surprised to learn that the vibrations produced by your brush equate to thousands upon thousands of strokes that you no longer have to create with your own hand. Instead, you may just direct the brush over your teeth.
  2. Fact. Advances in technology provide you with brush options that will stop vibrating if you are applying too much pressure. As a result, if you are practicing gentle care, your gums will be less likely to become irritated and then recede.
  3. Myth. In addition to bulkier versions of this dental hygiene tool, you have access to some travel-friendly models that are about the same size as a manual brush (and battery operated).