Restorative Care: 5 Reasons To Show Up

reasoncloudsAre you well aware that showing up for your restorative care visit is extremely important for your oral health – but you aren’t really sure why? Perhaps you think that you can wait a bit before your procedure, so you choose to cancel your appointment or hold off on scheduling it. While we can empathize with what you are feeling, we would like to encourage you to attend this very important visit – consider a few insightful reasons to do so!

Reason #1: To Avoid A Worse Issue

If you’re in pain, the pain will likely get worse because the issue causing the discomfort will progress. If your tooth is broken, it will likely break further because it is no longer supported by a complete structure. Show up for your restorative care visit to repair the problem and avoid heartache – it’s that simple.

Reason #2: We Numb Your Oral Tissues

You’re showing up for a restorative care visit at a modern, compassionate practice. Before we begin with any treatment, we make your comfort a priority. Restorative treatments will include the use of local anesthetic, so discomfort is not something you need to worry about.

Reason #3: If Not Now, Then Later

If you don’t fix your oral health concern now, you are going to need restorative care later (as we mentioned). Unfortunately, this can begin as a molehill and turn into quite the mountain! You don’t want your budget-friendly filling to turn into a costly root canal or tooth replacement, after all. Address oral health problems right away to protect your bank account and to avoid wasting time.