Help! Everything Tastes Funny.

womancoveringmouthwshirtHave you gone through feeling frustrated, confused, and upset because your taste buds are not cooperating the way they usually do? Are you finding that when you eat, you can hardly taste the foods you’re consuming? Or, are you noticing that everything seems to taste funny (or simply different when compared with your usual experience)? If so, there are a couple common reasons, oral health related and otherwise, that may explain why this is occurring. Allow us to offer some immediate help – and remember, when your taste buds change, it is generally not cause for alarm.

You May Be Sick

Are you congested? If you are someone with a high tolerance for discomfort, you may not notice that you are suffering from a cold, allergies, or otherwise. When your nose is “stopped up,” your sense of smell falters. As a result, your sense of taste can become temporarily altered or it may seem nonexistent. This may not be an oral health concern but an issue regarding your overall health. Consider any usual over-the-counter treatments you use or visit your primary care physician for a diagnosis and treatment.

It May Be Dry Mouth

When your oral tissues lose their moisture, a variety of side effects occur. You will find that you may develop bad breath, your chance of experiencing tooth decay and other oral health issues will begin to increase (particularly when the dry mouth is not treated), and your taste buds will stop performing as usual. Schedule a visit with us if you notice you suffer from a “cotton mouth” sensation more often than not – we will offer effective treatment and suggestions.