3 New Things To Try In 2017

2017lightscolorYou might not consider the fact that you can have a little bit of fun with your dental health by doing some exploration. The world of dental care is, in fact, quite vast if only you take a moment to look around. When you’re ready to have some fun, get a little more organized, and make your dental hygiene something that you may look forward to a bit more, rather than viewing is as a routine chore, we have some suggestions for you! Consider a few new things to try in 2017 that may benefit your smile.

#1: Try A Checklist

If you find that as each year goes by, you end up having the same issues with your dental hygiene, with keeping your dental products stocked, and with other particular details, we suggest the following: Create a checklist for yourself. Maybe you remember to brush in the morning and at night but you forget to floss. Perhaps you remember to brush but you forget to use your two-minute timer. If you have a checklist nearby, you can rely on it for a while until your habits become solidly established.

#2: Try A New Dental Product

Have a little fun by breaking your usual routine and trying something new. Perhaps you would love to try an electric toothbrush. Maybe there’s a new toothpaste you’ve been eyeing (or a new flavor). Whether it’s something big like a new appliance or something little like a new texture of dental floss, it’s always enjoyable to shake things up a bit with your dental hygiene.

#3: Try Using Your Cellphone For Reminders

Don’t love the idea of a checklist but you definitely need some help? If you’re pretty reliant on your cellphone, use it to optimize your dental hygiene and preventive care! Set reminders for appointments, brushing, flossing, and if you’re nearly out of a dental product. Mark appointment dates and times in your calendar. It can help a lot.