Don’t Brush Off Your Bruxism

bruxismeraseDid you know that if you ignore your bruxism and choose not to receive bruxism treatment, you’re basically asking for some additional problems to occur down the road? The main concern in this case is that you cannot do anything about your bruxism all on your own because you’re doing it involuntarily. In order to stop the problem, avoid damage, and regain a comfortable smile, you need our professional treatment! Learn more.

TMJ Disorder Might Develop

When you receive bruxism treatment, you agree to wear a nightguard, which is a comfortable mouthguard. It prevents your upper teeth from coming in contact with lower teeth, so there’s no more grinding or clenching. When you skip this important detail, the grinding and clenching continue, eventually placing too much stress on your jaw joints (and a new functional disorder begins).

Bruxism Doesn’t Feel Good

At first, you might not have headaches, toothaches, sore jaw joints, a sore face, earaches, or other concerns. You see where we’re going with this? When you choose bruxism treatment, you prevent a long list of possible (and uncomfortable) side effects from occurring.

Bruxism Can Hurt Your Smile

In the beginning, your teeth probably won’t appear worn or cracked. You won’t find that it’s more difficult to eat your food or that your teeth feel sensitive. Over time, however, if you avoid bruxism treatment, these problems may certainly develop and will require treatment. Prevent them for an easier experience, so you skip the damage and maintain your natural, healthy teeth for many years to come.