Valentine’s Day Gifts That Won’t Hurt Your Smile

Ah, yes! The sweet, romance that comes on February 14th: It’s about time for Valentine’s Day! Did you recently find yourself in the candy aisle, wondering what to purchase as gifts because just about everything under your nose was in no way beneficial for one’s oral health? Since giving the gift of an unhealthy smile might not sound very romantic to you, we are pleased to offer some heart-warming alternatives!

A Romantic Card!

Yes, you may have overlooked the old standby: The romantic card. You may pore over the options for a sweet selection in the card aisle at your local drugstore or stationery store. Or, you may get very creative and make your own! Whatever the case, this Valentine’s Day gift is full of thought and love and absolute free of the following: Sugar, calories, fat, and anything that might lead to oral health problems.

A Fun Date

Heading out with your sweetie? Your kids? Your friends? A new date? Regardless of the company, there’s always one way to give the gift of a very enjoyable Valentine’s Day without damaging anyone’s oral health in the process: Come up with a fun date idea! Perhaps you go out to see a movie, a concert, you plan a picnic (ahem, leave the sugary treats at home), a museum, or anything else that strikes a romantic chord! It can feel much more meaningful than handing over a box full of candy.

A Gift Of Dental Care!

Giving something to yourself for the holiday this year? A trip to see us can only lead to good things for your oral health and smile. Maybe you’ve got veneers on your mind. Perhaps you’re just ready to get your prevention back up to snuff. Whatever it is, call us up soon to let us know!

Treat Your Smile Well With Our Guidance

Times like holidays can present an oral health challenge. When you need help coming up with ways around such concerns, simply ask for some advice! Find out if you’re making good choices by scheduling a visit with your Ankeny, IA dentist today! Contact Peddicord Family Dentistry to set up an appointment by calling 515-963-3339.