Inflamed Gums? Take These Steps Immediately!

Do your previously healthy looking, pink, flat gums suddenly look angry and inflamed? When you’re dealing with puffy gum tissue that is obviously not in the best of health, it’s time to head in to see our Ankeny, IA team to discuss your gum health. Your gums may simply be irritated. Or, they may be inflamed as the result of a problem like gingivitis. As you likely already know, your gums are something to pay attention to and to treat right away, should a problem arise. So, take some simple yet very helpful steps toward getting your gums back to their optimally relaxed, healthy state!

Step #1: Call Our Team Right Away

Do you have inflamed gums? This is usually the sign of gum health problems. However, it’s also possible that you’ve eaten something that has dramatically irritated your gums or some other factor is at play. Rather than trying to make assumptions or crossing your fingers and hoping all will return to normal, it’s time to schedule a visit with our team without hesitating for a second! If you need treatment for gum concerns, you need it now, not later, so you can swiftly return to your previously healthy smile.

Step #2: Keep Brushing And Flossing (But Gently)

Don’t assume you’re making things better by stopping your brushing and flossing. Remember, gum health requires daily dental hygiene. So, even if you’re worried something is wrong, don’t stop cleansing your smile. You need it!

Step #3: Leave The Area Alone

Yes, we know that you are going to see us very soon for a dental checkup (we assume you plan on contacting us ASAP to schedule a visit, of course!). However, in the meantime, that doesn’t mean you should try to do anything to fix the area of your gum tissue that’s bothering you. Instead, to protect your overall oral health and your gum health, the best thing you can do is to simply let the area rest when you’re not eating or cleaning your smile. Don’t touch it or mess with it!

Step #4: Avoid Spicy Or Very Hot Foods

Skip anything extremely spicy or hot during this time to avoid aggravating already inflamed, upset gum tissue!

Protect Your Gum Health By Seeing Us Soon

If you notice puffy gums, don’t ignore them. Instead, act immediately by coming in to see our dental team! Find out if you’re making good choices by scheduling a visit with your Ankeny, IA dentist today! Contact Peddicord Family Dentistry to set up an appointment by calling 515-963-3339.