Is Discoloration Unhealthy For My Teeth?

womanwonderingYou may wonder when you take a look in the mirror at your yellowed smile, whether the hue shift has any impact on your oral health. Is discoloration something that translates into an unhealthy smile? Or, is it just something that is not so appealing to look at (without warranting any serious concern)? First, allow us to demystify this issue: You’ve got very little to worry about. Fortunately, though, if you are unhappy with the way it looks, we offer a variety of cosmetic treatment options to return your grin to its snowy white glow.

It’s Purely Cosmetic

Discoloration is strictly a cosmetic problem – it’s not an oral health problem or a sign of a hygiene-related illness in most instances. The best suggestion we can offer is to call us and schedule an appointment for a checkup and a cleaning twice a year. We can talk to you about cosmetic fixes, find out more regarding why your smile is discolored, and ensure nothing else is wrong with your smile. As a result, once you’re ready for whiter teeth, you will be able to set up a visit for improvement. Possible treatment options include teeth whitening, bonding, or veneers.

It May Suggest Exposure To Negative Influences

Here’s the thing about that yellowing: While it doesn’t damage your oral health, it might suggest that something negative is going on that could cause your teeth to discolor. For example, maybe you’re indulging in a ton of staining drinks that have caused yellowing. Though the yellowing is not a problem on its own, perhaps those drinks are damaging your enamel. Perhaps you’re taking a medication that is causing stains and will continue to cause them. We will help you get to the bottom of this mystery, so we can determine whether you need to make any lifestyle changes.