3 Reasons You Should Floss

reasonssignYou know that you should floss to protect your oral health because that’s what we insist you do as part of your dental hygiene. You trust us, of course, because we are experts in dental care! However, that doesn’t mean that you have the foggiest notion regarding why, in addition to brushing, it’s so very important that you also brush your teeth one time every day. To clear up any curiosity you might be carrying around with you, we offer a few significant reasons you should make sure you floss.

Reason #1: To Avoid Gum Disease

First and foremost, if you want to avoid gum disease, flossing is essential for maintaining your oral health. Your brushing will certainly massage away some of the plaque and food that gather below your gumline but not all of it. Floss provides an exceptional amount of plaque removal, down where you cannot see the tiny particles of bacteria and food that gather between teeth and just beneath your gumline, which can lead to gum disease.

Reason #2: To Get Rid Of Food Debris

About that food that becomes lodged between your teeth. It will break down and smell. It will also provide a hiding place for bacteria (which will lead to further yucky odors). You can also develop decay between teeth. As you are noticing, flossing will help you avoid all of these problems because brushing alone is insufficient.

Reason #3: To Keep Your Teeth

All of that decay and gum disease that can affect your teeth can, when further neglected or when unnoticed, lead to tooth loss. It sounds like a stretch at the moment but oral health problems can advance quickly. Avoid even concerning yourself with this possibility by adding flossing to your daily routine.