Ankeny Dentist Repairs Chipped Teeth with Tooth Contouring

Contouring Improves Your SmileIs your smile just a tad uneven and, if so, does it bother you? If you’ve answered yes, then perhaps you should consider tooth contouring from your Ankeny dentist. This quick, in-office dental procedure can transform one or many of your teeth into flawless beauties. An initial consultation and examination by Dr. Erika Peddicord can determine your candidacy for tooth contouring. The procedure itself takes roughly an hour, depending on desired results and there’s minimal recovery time. If you think tooth contouring might improve the quality of your smile, schedule a consuiltation with your Ankeny dentist soon.

What Does Tooth Contouring Do?

Tooth contouring is a simple, inexpensive cosmetic dental procedure to reshape your teeth into a more aesthetically pleasing shape. For example, if you have a chipped tooth, your Ankeny dentist can gently return it to its original smoothed shape. Contouring also works well to reshape overlapping teeth and overly-pointy bicuspids, which gives your teeth the ‘vampire fang’ look.

To receive tooth contouring from your Ankeny dentist, she first takes x-rays of your teeth to ensure your enamel is strong enough to withstand the contouring procedure. If you qualify, your Ankeny dentist will use sculpting and polishing tools to restore your teeth to match the rest of your teeth perfectly.

Benefits of Tooth Contouring

Although tooth contouring is considered a cosmetic procedures, it can actually prove beneficial to your overall oral health. When your teeth don’t have extra nooks and crannies, your chance for tooth decay significantly decreases. In other words, cleaning overlapping, oddly shaped teeth is more difficult than cleaning straight, smooth teeth. Accessibility to those small spaces between your teeth is crucial to fighting cavities. With reshaped teeth you can also correct minor issues with your bite, however, with tooth contouring you can increase its function.

Visit Peddicord Family Dentistry for Cosmetic Dental Care

If you have minor imperfections in your teeth that you would like fixed, your 50021 dentist has a solution for you. Dr. Peddicord can speak to you about your eligibility for tooth contouring and other restorative dental procedures. To schedule an appoint with us, call our office at (515) 963-3339. You can also visit our website to print patient forms and view a full listing of our services. We happily serve new and existing patients in Bondurant, Polk City, Elkhart, Alleman, and Cambridge, and neighboring areas.