Remember Simple Tips To Prevent Chips And Cracks

You don’t want to chip your teeth. You don’t want to crack them either. Though our Ankeny, IA practice can help you with dental care that with fix either one of these problems, avoiding them altogether and enjoying the complete and comfortable, fully functional, beautiful smile you’re so accustomed to is always preferable. While little accidents can happen that you just never really saw coming toward your grin, we remind you: When you take some details to heart and practice caution, you can usually keep that smile of yours safe from damage.

Don’t Talk With Utensils In Your Mouth

One very good preventive dental care tip: Don’t talk when you have a fork or spoon in your mouth. We know, it’s tempting to chat while you’re eating ice cream, cereal, your meal etc. However, if you’re not careful, you can easily bite down on that metal utensil and damage your tooth. Follow the old saying of “don’t talk with your mouth full” and you’ll be just fine!

Careful With Heavy Cups

Are you someone who loves pottery, ceramic mugs, and beautiful designs for your cup-wear? If so, we just want you to remember that if you’re not paying attention and accidentally conk your teeth with something heavy, it could cause a chip or crack. Simply be careful!

Be Mindful Of Resistant Food

If you are about to take a bite out of something that may be very crunchy, that may need a jackhammer for breaking or cutting, etc., then you might not really want to use your teeth. You might not want to eat it at all! When it’s something like a nut with a shell that can be cracked with an accessory, crack it first. For other things that are just extremely resistant, find a yummy (less resistant) alternative.

Leave The Cutting And Carrying To Something Else!

Really need to carry a bag but your hands are already full? You may be tempted to use your teeth because they seem so strong. However, we remind you that this isn’t a good idea. You may end up damaging your teeth if you use them to carry things. Skip it, so you don’t end up requiring restorative dental care! Ready to cut open a package but your hands can’t quite tear through it? Our team reminds you that this is a sign your teeth aren’t up for the job. Find some scissors instead!

Avoid Smile Damage With Our Easy Tips

If you think you could use some tips to keep your smile from developing chips or cracks, simply let us know! Find out if you’re making good choices by scheduling a visit with your Ankeny, IA dentist today! Contact Peddicord Family Dentistry to set up an appointment by calling 515-963-3339.