Tips For Scheduling Your Child’s Appointment

When it’s time to schedule your own dental checkup and cleaning, you consider a lot of things: When you will feel your best, what time works for you based on your daily schedule, which day of the week is less hectic, etc. When it comes to scheduling a preventive care visit for your child, however, the details are different. Allow us to help you navigate setting up a visit and making the process as easy as possible with some helpful tips.

Tip: Take Advantage Of Breaks

Does your son or daughter have summer vacation from school each year? When does your child’s winter holiday vacation begin and end? These are wonderful times to schedule preventive care visits because you don’t need to worry about taking your child out of class or any missed schoolwork.

Tip: Consider Nap Time

If you’re bringing in your little one, you want to consider his or her nap schedule (and eating schedule, too). Make sure you schedule a time that is between naps when your child is generally happiest and alert. You may also want to feed your child before a visit to avoid irritability due to hunger (keep it healthy and light!).

Tip: Prepare To Relax

You’ve got your child’s preventive care visit scheduled but have you scheduled out your day? Remember that giving yourself extra time and relaxing can give you enough of a buffer for last minute surprises (like your child spills a drink on his shirt and you need time to change before coming in or perhaps your child suddenly isn’t interested in a dental visit and it’s time for negotiation, etc.).