3 Things That Should Be True About Your Bathroom

3balloonredThere are those things that are incredibly obvious when it comes to the oral health products you should have in your bathroom. Of course, you need a toothbrush and toothpaste and dental floss. So, what else could one need? As a matter of fact, there are some items and general requirements that will ensure your bathroom is prepped and ready to go for the best dental hygiene you can muster. Find out more and make any necessary changes.

#1: It’s Free Of Old Products

Do you have old toothpaste that might be expired – but that you use as a backup when your preferred paste runs out? Do you keep old toothbrushes around in case you accidentally drop yours between the sink and the wall (or some other yucky place)? Get rid of old and expired items and instead purchase new backups – old items are ineffective and can do more bad than good for your oral health.

#2: You Have A Timer (Of Some Sort)

Unless you can naturally count to two minutes on your own (not very likely), it’s good for your oral health if you have a timer of some sort in your bathroom. This might be a stopwatch, the timer on your cell phone, a bathroom playlist with 2-minute long songs – just make sure you’re prepared, so your brushing is always thorough.

#3: Your Toothbrush Has A Home

Do you know where to put your toothbrush after you rinse it? If you’ve been tossing it into a travel bag or a dark drawer, you’ll want to set up a permanent place. We suggest a cup or holder, so your brush has the opportunity to remain upright and out in the open air – this prevents bacterial growth.