3 Reasons You Don’t Want To Brush (And What To Do)

3bluewallEven though you’ve known since you were just a tot how important it is to brush your teeth, you may not do so on a regular basis. This can be the result of feeling frustrated by a variety of factors. While we understand that certain difficulties may arise, it’s important to remember that facing challenges does not set you free from the responsibility you have toward your oral health. Don’t worry – we understand what it’s like to struggle with dental hygiene. Allow us to help!

Reason #1: Your Teeth Hurt

If you are dealing with sensitivity (and we have already ruled out problems like decay or infection), you may be avoiding brushing and dental hygiene. Fortunately, you have options. First, if you’re brushing too hard but can’t seem to ease up, you may try an electric toothbrush, which can make things easier. You should also make sure you’re using soft bristles – and switch to a toothpaste that combats sensitivity.

Reason #2: You Keep Forgetting

Did you crawl into bed again, realizing that you forgot to brush your teeth? However, you’re tired and comfortable and the last thing you want to do is get up to perform your dental hygiene routine? This is an easy fix. Make your routine more … well … routine. Stop brushing as a last minute thought. Start brushing as habit by doing it at the same time every night or by creating a checklist of things to do before bed.

Reason #3: You’re Still Getting Cavities

If you’re brushing but you’re still getting cavities, you may feel deflated. Rest assured, this is usually simple to address. Review the best practices with us the next time we see you, so you’re sure you’re brushing correctly. Also, make sure you’re doing everything you need to do: Brush in the morning, brush at night, floss once a day, and schedule twice-annual professional dental cleanings.