Ankeny Dentist Says that Toothache May Actually Be Sinusitis

Have you ever experienced a toothache that seems to have no origin? You visit your dentist twice a year without fail, brush your teeth twice a day, floss daily. Your teeth are in good condition – no major dental work, no cavities since you were a kid. And then, all of the sudden your tooth feels like it must be full of decay. Where could that be coming from? Sometimes the mystery leads to your sinuses. Your Ankeny dentist, Dr. Erika Peddicord, explains how sinuses and molars are very close neighbors whose symptoms can sometimes be confused.

Sinus Infections

Air passes through your sinuses on the way to your lungs. Located inside of your jawbone, some people are especially prone to infections in the hollow cavities known as their sinuses. There is a pink membrane that covers your sinuses that looks quite similar to the inside of your mouth. When inflammation occurs with this lining, you are likely to be the unfortunate recipient of an often uncomfortable sinus infection. The clinical name for this illness is sinusitis. People that are highly prone to seasonal allergies tend to have more bouts with sinusitis than others.

How Can Sinusitis Present with a Toothache?

Sinuses are located right above your upper molars. If you visit the dentist with tooth pain, x-rays will most likely be the first order of business, along with a thorough exam. Tooth pain that has an actual dental cause is usually due to inflammation in the pulp of your teeth. If examination and x-rays of your tooth pulp look fine, there is a chance that sinusitis is causing your toothache. Your general doctor should be consulted to get your sinus cavities looked at, now that you know tooth cavities aren’t the problem.

Call Your Ankeny Dentist if You Have Tooth Pain

Though sinusitis could end up being the reason for your tooth pain, seeing your dentist is the first thing you should do if you experience a toothache. To arrange an examination  for any dental concerns, or simply to make an appointment for a checkup, contact our Ankeny dentist office by calling 515-964-1490. We are happy to provide service to patients from Ankeny, Cambridge, Sheldahl, Maxwell, Collins, the 50021 zip code, and surrounding communities.