Bruxism Treatment: An Important New Year’s Resolution 

There are lots of ways you can look at the impending New Year, a lot of ideas you might have for resolutions, and even more considerations as your chance at a clean slate and following through on promises impacts your smile! With that said, our Ankeny, IA team likes to remind you to remember some often-overlooked issues that could really use a slot on that ever-important to-do list that shows up and is met with enthusiasm, the second the ball drops and we yell out, “Happy New Year!” Today: It’s time to discuss why bruxism treatment should be a promise you make for 2020!

What Is It, Again?

We know that when you’ve learned all about something like bruxism disorder and it’s fresh in your mind, it’s often easy to access that information. However, if it’s been a while or if this is new to you, let’s quickly review the details: Bruxism is the habitual (but involuntary) grinding and clenching of your teeth. You might only grind or only clench or do both.

Why Treat It?

Lots of people grind or clench their teeth, right, so you wonder: Why bother treating bruxism disorder? Well, bruxism is different than occasional clenching or grinding, as you focus or concentrate. In this case, it happens a lot and it can lead to serious damage to your teeth, it can encourage additional problems (like TMJ disorder), and it can even lead to tooth loss way down the road. You want to maintain your smile and oral health.

How Can We Treat It?

We can treat your bruxism disorder in multiple ways. First, of course, we always suggest you come in for professional treatment, which includes oral appliance therapy. If this bruxism treatment sounds complex to you, think again! It’s actually simple and very effective. You’ll wear a mouthguard. Only at night! It will be comfortable and will help stop the movement, protect your teeth, and get you on the road toward much safer oral health. We will also explain lifestyle choices you may make differently for greater treatment!

The Easy Way To Get Started!

There’s a very easy way to get started with bruxism treatment. You just call us up! Set up your dental checkup. Agree to talk over the details and then follow through with the dental care plan! Not sure if you need treatment or not? Come on in!

See Us For Impactful Bruxism Treatment

Improve your bruxism by seeing our team for a consultation and for a discussion about bruxism treatment! Choose to follow through with receiving the preventive care we offer for impressive improvement. Find out if you’re making good choices by scheduling a visit with your Ankeny, IA dentist today! Contact Peddicord Family Dentistry to set up an appointment by calling 515-963-3339.