Buff Away Imperfections With Tooth Contouring

smilewhitegoldenhairDoes your smile not quite live up to your cosmetic expectations? Would you feel much better about the appearance of your smile if you could remove a bit of tissue here and a bit more there? If so, tooth contouring may offer you the gentle tissue reduction you need for a beautiful smile transformation. For individuals suffering from problems like a sharp, pointed tooth or overlapping teeth, this gentle, simple cosmetic treatment may be just the answer. Rather than suffering with what could be a beautifully reshaped smile any longer, learn more about whether contouring will help you achieve your smile goals:

What Is It?

Tooth contouring is a cosmetic treatment that removes a very, very small amount of your enamel. Your enamel is the outermost tissue layer of your tooth – as long as we determine you have an adequate amount for us to shape without damaging your tooth, this treatment may offer you the improvement you desire. We will use an instrument that buffs away a small amount of tissue where a reduction improves the esthetic value of your individual tooth or your entire smile. You will not require an anesthetic and treatment typically requires only one visit.

What Does It Accomplish?

Tooth contouring allows you to make small alterations with big results, which may include one or more of the following:

  • Do two of your teeth overlap mildly, resulting in a smile that could potentially look more uniform? We may be able to reduce a small amount of the tooth tissue that sits over the other tooth, so your teeth appear to rest side-by-side.
  • Are you dealing with one or more teeth that look longer than their neighboring teeth? If so, your smile line may look uneven as a result of your staggered tooth lengths. We may reduce the length of the target teeth to create more consistent, beautiful look to your smile.
  • Do you feel like your teeth look like “vampire teeth” because of their sharp points? Tooth contouring can easily and quickly soften those points.
  • Are the borders of your teeth jagged or rough? Perhaps you suffer from slight problems with surface texture. Contouring will smooth those problems away.
  • Do your teeth look too large or do they display an awkward shape? Again, contouring may allow you to re-sculpt your teeth so they better harmonize with your other facial features.


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