Cavities: Avoid These 3 Approaches

When you know that you have a cavity, you may take one of several potential approaches. Of course, there’s only one correct approach (from our perspective), which is to schedule a dental filling and to receive it as soon as possible. However, we know that many patients take those other ineffective routes sometimes without recognizing the future consequences. We’re here to remind you of a few things to avoid (so you make the right choice and come in for care immediately).

#1: The “Just Wait And See” Approach

If you know you have a cavity but you decide to just wait and see what happens, hoping it will go away is not a possible reality. Hoping nothing bad happens will also not pan out. You see, the decay always gets worse. Not because it’s inherently evil but because it is naturally progressive. The tissue keeps decaying until we treat it. See us for your dental filling before your tooth is severely damaged.

#2: The “DIY” Approach

Figure you can just fill your tooth with gum, a temporary filling, or otherwise? Trying some other miracle “DIY” options that are supposed to reverse a cavity? Unfortunately, the only thing that will happen is that you may waste some time and money, while your tooth gets worse. Treat it with a dental filling to avoid side effects.

#3: The “Cancel The Filling” Approach

Don’t schedule your dental filling and then cancel! If you have questions, concerns, or otherwise, please let us know. Keeping the appointment and coming in for the procedure is absolutely the best thing you can do to protect your oral health.

Treat Cavities ASAP To Avoid Complications

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