Dazzle Friends and Family with Professional Whitening

Teeth Whitening Holiday SmileNow that December is finally here, it is officially time to deck the halls. But that means it’s also a perfect time to make sure your teeth are dazzling! Few cosmetic treatments are faster, more affordable, or more effective for brightening a smile than professional whitening treatment. So if all you want for Christmas is a brighter smile, stop waiting for Santa to fill your stocking, and call your cosmetic dentist, who can help you achieve drastic whitening results just in time for the most wonderful time of the year!

How Can Professional Whitening Help?

Sure, whitening treatments found on the aisles of your pharmacy can help lighten teeth, but few are designed to erase years’ worth of stains. If you want dramatic whitening, professional treatment is often necessary. That’s because only a cosmetics dentist can provide professional-grade whitening products.

Most cosmetic dentists offer a combination of in-office or at-home treatment; some even recommend combining the two for truly fast and effective results. With any whitening treatment, professional or otherwise, it’s important to follow the guidelines or directions provided. This can help provide even and effective results, while preventing sensitivity or even damage to your teeth enamel. Keep in mind that overuse of any whitening treatment can be damaging to your teeth, so do not follow whitening treatment up with another. Most patients can safely lighten teeth no more than every six months, but many find they need less frequent whitening treatment if following guidelines to keeping teeth healthy and bright.

For instance, excellent dental hygiene including daily brushing and flossing, as well as regular dental checkups can help limit plaque buildup, which can help keep your smile looking its best. Limiting staining foods and drinks like red, black and blue berries, and coffees and dark teas and red wine can also help reduce future staining and keep your smile bright.