Don’t Skip Your Root Canal Visit

toothrootslightAre you thinking that you just might throw caution to the wind and skip your root canal treatment? If so, we suggest you reserve the desire to feel like a free spirit for some other moment – this restorative procedure was suggested not only to save your tooth but also to help prevent a slew of unpleasant complications. Allow us to provide you with some insight regarding why it’s so important to schedule your treatment immediately and to follow through.

Tooth Infections Don’t Go Away

The primary concern with skipping your root canal treatment is the fact that the infection present is not going to go away. Instead, it’s going to stay right where it is and it will get worse. As it advances, an infection that was once very treatable becomes more and more intense. You may not notice any symptoms at first. However, a bad infection will result in throbbing, pain, possible swelling, and can even become too severe for a root canal. The result? You will need an extraction. Do yourself a favor: Save the tooth by scheduling your visit with urgency.

Abscesses Are Dangerous

Did you know that an infection that continues to develop might abscess? This means that the pressure within your roots will mount until the infection has nowhere to go but out. A pus pocket known as an abscess may develop on the tip of your roots, which can cause great discomfort and even a fever. If it ruptures, infection may occur elsewhere within your mouth or the infection may threaten your life. Schedule that root canal treatment and these extreme circumstances will not occur.