Genetics And Dentistry?

Have you ever heard of epigenetics? There may be a time when it plays a large role in dental health. Genetics play a huge role in health now, and according to the Australian Dental Journal epigenetics may soon play an important role in dental treatment. Genetics is used to determine if certain people are genetically prone to certain diseases, and chances are one day genetics will be used to personalize your dental treatment. Your Ankeny, IA, family dentist, Dr. Ericka Peddicord, discusses epigenetics and its likely future in dentistry.

The Human Genome Project

Are you familiar with the Human Genome Project? A genome is the complete set of DNA of an organism. It includes everything that particular organism needs to survive and function. Epigenetics is the study of how genes react and change within the genome according to influences from such things as stress, age, diet, and the environment. Your genes play a role not only in what you look like, how you act, and your overall health, they play a role in your oral health as well. And as numerous studies have shown, your oral health and overall health are connected. After researching environmental and genetic influences on oral and dental health, a team of Australian researchers realized that your genes respond to oral microbes, and that it may be feasible to influence your genetic reaction to certain pathogenic microbes to reduce or prevent oral health diseases.

Because there now exists the ability to develop an epigenetic profile of patients, by studying your genome, your epigenetic profile, and the oral microbes found in your mouth, there may be a way to personalize your dental care. Epigenetics can also be used to study the causes of genetic periodontitis as well as factors that lead to the development of oral cancers.

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