Gum Recession: Know These 2 Things

When you’re experiencing gum recession, it can feel quite frightening. A bit of swelling is one thing but when your gum tissue actually pulls back, away from your teeth, the results can leave you feeling very unsure about what’s happening and what to do. Rest assured, if you keep up with your dental checkups, we will quickly detect this issue and offer treatment. If it’s been a while, the best choice is to simply schedule a visit ASAP. As for the reason your gum tissue might be receding? We can give you a couple possible ideas.

#1: Gum Disease May Cause It

One reason you may notice that you’re dealing with gum recession is gum disease. As this problem begins, your gums become inflamed. As disease progresses, bacteria continue to irritate your gum tissue and infection occurs. The longer the issue advances, the worse things become. Gum tissue continues to pull away, leading to serious damage and a very real need for periodontal treatment.

#2: It Doesn’t Only Happen With Gum Disease

Periodontal disease is not the only reason you may find yourself facing gum recession. On a less destructive note, you might be causing the problem all by yourself even with the best of intentions. Gums that are met with aggressive treatment (like hard, vigorous brushing and forceful flossing) will not respond by remaining healthy. Instead, they will likely recede. It’s wise to schedule a visit with us if this is your problem (and to let us rule out gum disease). In addition, easing up dramatically with the pressure used during care is something to do immediately.