Managing GERD: Who, What, Where, When, Why?

Whether you most certainly have GERD, you think you might, or you’ve just heard about it and the symptoms seem quite familiar to you, it’s something you should know about. It’s also something you should treat if it happens to you. Here’s the breakdown: GERD is short for gastroesophageal reflux disease, which means the muscles at the base of your esophagus relax (even though they’re not supposed to) and allow acids to flow backwards, often all the way into your mouth. As for your questions about how this affects your overall and oral health, we’ve got the answers you need.


Anyone with GERD should manage it (and it’s something that can affect anyone). Not certain if it’s affecting you? Your doctor can help you arrive at a diagnosis.


What to do? Well, you should find a way to manage the issue, rather than sweeping it under the rug. Fortunately, management can help keep your overall and oral health safe as you venture toward the best way to consistently deal with the issue with your stomach acids.


You’ll benefit from speaking with your doctor about the best way to manage GERD, as there are multiple ways to approach the issue. You will also benefit from seeking care at our practice, as we can help you keep your smile safe along your journey.


We don’t suggest that you wait. Instead, we encourage you to take immediate action. Every day that the acids from your stomach splash back and end up in your esophagus and mouth, damage to your gastro tract and your oral health are possible.


There are a lot of reasons. From a general health perspective, it can erode the tissue in your esophagus and may increase the risk of esophageal cancer. As far as an oral health perspective goes, the acid reflux can erode your teeth, which can yield severe injury over the course of time.

Don’t Let Acid Damage Your Smile

Talk with us about how to protect your smile from the effects of GERD. Find out if you’re making good choices by scheduling a visit with your Ankeny, IA dentist today! Contact Peddicord Family Dentistry to set up an appointment by calling 515-963-3339.