Powered Toothbrushes: The Things You’re Unsure About

You might be unsure about powered toothbrushes. On one hand, you may think they’re “better” and that maybe you’re supposed to use one. On the other, you may wonder if it’s all just a whole lot of hype! Or, you might find yourself somewhere in the middle, not really sure what to think! Of course, there’s an easy way to solve this little dental hygiene riddle: Ask our Ankeny, IA team for our advice! We are most happy to share it. For now, let’s take a mini stroll through the ins and outs of considering an electric brush, so you have a head start in terms of what you can expect!

Should It Be An Expensive One?

You might guess that if you are going to select a powered toothbrush for your dental hygiene, it might as well be a very expensive one that seems quite decadent and effective. However, we always remind patients that the price of the brush is not necessarily going to tell you how well it will function or if it’s a good fit for your oral health needs. A better approach might be talking it over with us, considering the individual features, and seeing whether the American Dental Association approves!

What If I Just Don’t Like It?

If you try a powered toothbrush and you realize you’re just not enjoying it, then there’s nothing wrong with this. Of course, we encourage you to check in with us to be sure you’re using it correctly. With that said, you are more than welcome to say “no thanks” to the electric version and go back to your tried-and-true manual dental hygiene instrument instead! It’s all about what helps you best protect your oral health (and what helps you enjoy the process).

What If I Don’t Care To Try It?

If you’re not really interested in an electric toothbrush, don’t worry! That is, we say that assuming you’re taking good care of your smile with a manual brush and you’re not having any problems. Remember the following: We would suggest you consider a powered brush if your usual brush wasn’t keeping your teeth clean, if you were having a lot of trouble not pressing very hard as you brushed, or if you were having some serious challenges making it physically difficult to brush.

Make Easy Dental Hygiene Product Choices

Make choices easily when it comes to the dental hygiene products you select for yourself! Remember that all it takes it having a conversation or two with our team, so you feel confident about purchases. Find out if you’re making good choices by scheduling a visit with your Ankeny, IA dentist today! Contact Peddicord Family Dentistry to set up an appointment by calling 515-963-3339.