What’s In A Smile-Friendly Purse or Backpack?

You know some of the best habits to protect your smile. Excellent daily care at home is essential: brush morning and evening and floss once a day. Seeing your trusted Ankeny, IA dentist twice a year for professional checkups and cleanings insures that expert eyes are on your teeth and oral health every six month or so. Please call if you have questions or concerns between appointments. When you are out and about, don’t forget to carry smile-friendly essentials in your purse or tote.

Dental Floss To Dislodge

We’ve all had the experience of eating a delicious meal and then finding something is stuck between our teeth. If it can’t be worked loose with your tongue or by swallowing a few sips of water, it’s time for a quick trip to the restroom to see if you can gently loosen it. Don’t dig with your finger nails or a toothpick, but use a floss pick or piece of dental floss to slide it from between teeth. If it stays stuck for several hours or there is bleeding or pain, call our dental emergency number for advice and a same-day appointment if necessary.

Sugar Free Gum (If You Chew Gum)

Gum can freshen breath and help with saliva production when your mouth is dry. It can also be a welcome distraction or a treat for wiggly children. Choose gum that is sugar free, and dispose of it properly. 

Sugar Free Mints or Cough Drops

It is no fun getting an awkward throat tickle in the middle or a meeting or while wandering in a quiet museum. Sugar free cough drops and candy can solve the issue without bathing your teeth in sugar, which serves as a food for cavity-causing bacteria and can lead you to the need for restorative care, such as a tooth-colored filling.

The Proper Storage Container for Any Removable Oral Appliance

If you wear any removable appliance or prosthesis, such as appliances that relieve bruxism (nighttime teeth grinding), bring the proper container to store it. If you need an extra storage container, talk to our office staff.

Your Dentist’s Phone Number

Whether you prefer to jot it in a notebook or program it in your phone, keep your dentist’s office number handy. In an emergency, you won’t have to struggle to locate it, and if you are away from home with a question, you can easily call, even without an internet connection. Our trusted dental team can answer questions and make an appointment for you, if needed.

It’s Easy to Carry Good Tooth Care With You

Summer is a popular time to travel, and you can pack the essentials to keep your dental hygiene on track when you are away from home. Have a wonderful trip, and make sure your smile stays healthy by scheduling a visit with your Ankeny, IA dentist today! Contact Peddicord Family Dentistry to set up an appointment by calling 515-963-3339.