Your Dental Filling: Problems It Fixes And Prevents

Did you know that when you come in to see our Ankeny, IA team for a dental filling, you’re not doing just one thing? Instead, by agreeing to a filling, you’re going to be achieving a long list of improvements that can both repair your tooth and prevent potential future problems (that, of course, you really don’t want to have to face). Not sure what all of these details include but you’re starting to feel much better about your decision to follow through on addressing decay and seeing us for a restoration? Good! The particulars will most certainly set your mind at ease!

It Stops Decay

The good news about your dental filling in terms of your tooth decay? Well, this is the treatment that makes the progression of your oral disease stop! When we place a filling, we first start by taking away the decayed tissue. Then, we ensure your tooth is clean and the opening is smooth and free of debris. Then, we replace the tissue with composite! No more decay. Just a healthy tooth.

It Replaces Missing Tissue

Did you pick up on that detail, when we mentioned that we fill the opening in your tooth (called a cavity), left behind by tooth decay? Remember that this is very important! When you have an opening in your tooth, it weakens your tooth and essentially invites bacteria in. When we replace the tissue with composite, the dental filling seals your tooth back up by replacing the tissue that’s been lost.

It Prevents Further Structural Damage

Good news: In addition to stopping bacteria from working their way into your tooth and causing a future infection, a dental filling prevents your weakened tooth from breaking. Remember: A tooth with a hole in it is much more likely to become structurally damaged further than one with a filling in it that is whole!

It Fixes Your Smile Confidence

Was your tooth decay visible? Perhaps you simply felt conspicuous because you thought others could see or sense your cavity. Whatever the case, you can rest easy once you receive a beautiful dental filling from our practice, which means you can wave goodbye to the progressive decay that has been damaging your tooth and hello to a lovely smile that looks like your healthy smile again! No more worries. Just confidence!

Fix Your Decaying Tooth With A Filling

Come in to see our team very soon to learn more about how we can address your tooth decay with a gorgeous dental filling and why deciding to do so sooner than later is most certainly to your benefit! Find out if you’re making good choices by scheduling a visit with your Ankeny, IA dentist today! Contact Peddicord Family Dentistry to set up an appointment by calling 515-963-3339.