Your Holiday Feast: 4 Times To Ask “What’s In This?”

When you’re about to enjoy a holiday feast, what you’d really, really love to do is just relax. Eat the food that’s in front of you. Select whatever you find to be tasty, add it to your plate, and dig in! However, if you’re someone who takes your oral health seriously, who doesn’t like serious problems, and who prefers to prevent those problems (rather than jump right in and cause issues that are wholly avoidable), then we think we can help. Take a quick moment of your day to consider some instances during holiday meals when our Ankeny, IA team suggests you simply stop and ask, “What’s in this?”

#1: When You Have An Oral Allergy

Is there a particular fruit, nut, or something else that instantly causes your mouth to itch, your gums to feel puffy, etc.? When you’re someone with a particular oral allergy that you’re aware of, it’s a good idea to ask questions of your host. The simple question, “What’s in this?” will allow you to determine whether the item is safe for your oral health (or not) before you bite!

#2: When You Have An Allergy Allergy

Of course, in addition to your oral health, we remind you that there’s your overall health to consider this time of year, too! Don’t forget that if you have any type of serious allergy, it’s always wise to ask a waiter, the person throwing the party, etc., about the ingredients in the dishes. Even though you may not be able to detect an ingredient with your own eyes, it doesn’t mean that something is nut-, gluten-, or dairy-free, and the list goes on! Just get into the habit of asking first.

#3: When It’s Something That’s Stuffed

Now, when it comes to keeping your oral health safe from accidentally broken teeth, we remind you to keep an eye out for stuffed items. For instance, a stuffed olive may have a nut in it that you weren’t expecting and that can lead to a cracked tooth if it’s hard enough. Before you chomp into what you assume is soft food, ask for reassurance!

#4: When It’s A Baked Good

Remember that baked goods with seeds (that you might not notice right off the bat) can become stuck between teeth, within devices like dental bridges, etc. Again, just remember to say, “Excuse me … what’s in this?”

Get Through The Holiday With A Healthy Grin 

Sidestep any potential danger during your holiday meal that could cause you discomfort or oral injury by simply taking our recommendations to heart! Remember, too, to see us soon if you require a visit. Find out if you’re making good choices by scheduling a visit with your Ankeny, IA dentist today! Contact Peddicord Family Dentistry to set up an appointment by calling 515-963-3339.