Ankeny Dentist Answers Your Most Frequently Asked Questions about Dentures

faqs blackboardWearing dentures can seem pretty daunting. Between the pastes and the horror stories about embarrassing slips, many patients dread replacing their lost teeth with dentures. However, life without teeth is simply too much of a struggle, and properly fitting dentures can seriously improve a person’s quality of life. Here to put your mind at ease about dentures is your Ankeny dentist, Dr. Erika Peddicord. She answers your most frequently asked questions about dentures.

Why do dentures slip and slide?

Dentures slip and slide around the mouth when they do not fit properly. Dentures rely on suction to remain in position, and an improper fit means the suction will not hold. However, if you receive dentures from your Ankeny dentist, Dr. Peddicord, she will take impressions of your mouth and look at a variety of factors to ensure that your dentures fit properly. With a proper fit, dentures do not have to be a source of embarrassment.

Why do some denture patients have trouble speaking?

Speech problems also stem from an improper fit. As dentures slide around the mouth, the facial muscles tense in an unconscious effort to keep the dentures in place. Unfortunately, the tension inhibits speech, resulting in slurred words and mumbling.

What are implant-secured dentures?

Implant-secured dentures are a more stable type of restoration. Using dental implants, dentures are anchored into the jawbone so that they will not slide. Implant-secured dentures also feel more natural because they are held in place by the jaw just like natural teeth. Traditional dentures rest on the gums, often resulting in irritation. With implant-supported dentures, gums do not experience strain, and the prosthetic teeth feel more natural.

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