Bridge Placement

dentbrdgsIf you’re missing one or two teeth in a row it is wise to replace them. Leaving spaces between teeth can cause your teeth to shift, resulting in crooked teeth. It can also cause the underlying bone structure to begin to atrophy which can cause serious problems in the future. A dental bridge is an easy way to replace missing teeth. It is a prosthesis made up of artificial teeth with a crown on each end. Bridge placement is affordable, easy, and painless.

How Dental Bridges are Placed

Crowns on each end of the bridge are attached to the healthy teeth adjacent to the toothless space. To place the crowns the healthy adjacent teeth must be prepared. Preparation involves removing tooth structure from the healthy teeth to accommodate the crowns. The amount of tooth preparation required is determined by the type of material the dental bridge is fabricated with. Once the teeth have been prepared an impression is taken and sent to the dental lab.

What is an Impression?

An impression is like a clay model and is created when the patient bites into a tray of putty-like material. The putty captures the details of the teeth that have been prepared. The dental lab technician uses the impression to fabricate the bridge. In the meantime a temporary bridge is placed.

The Final Step

Once the bridge is completed the dentist will check the fit and function while in the patient’s mouth. It is important that the patient be able to bite down and chew comfortably. If necessary, adjustments are made. The final step is cementing the bridge into place with permanent cement.


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