Cosmetic Contouring: Reasons To Choose It

One of the easiest ways to figure out if you’re in need of cosmetic contouring is to figure out whether the benefits it offers will help you improve your smile. Remember that different treatments can often provide you with a wealth of improvements to your smile. If contouring has seemed like something that will work to help you attain a lovely grin, we encourage you to dig a bit deeper to see if its offerings really do line up with your wants!

You Have Some Textural Issues

Cosmetic contouring is often a fantastic measure for textural concerns with your teeth. Do you have ridges on your incisors (known as mamelons) that you wish weren’t there? Do you have some amount of pitting on dental surfaces? This can help smooth it out.

Some Teeth Are Too Long

When you’ve got one or two long teeth and the rest don’t quite measure up, you either want to extend the rest or shorten the offenders. When shortening the too-long teeth is your decision, cosmetic contouring is up to the task.

Your Tooth Is Awkward Looking

Dealing with a tooth that just has a strange shape? Is it very pointy? Does it look rough or have a strange border? Cosmetic contouring to the rescue!

You’ve Got Some Minor Overlap

Do two of your teeth overlap? Sometimes this means you need braces. In other cases, you just need contouring to address the extra tissue, so everything looks uniform and your smile appears better aligned.