Exercise And Your Smile

You think about your oral health many times throughout the day: When you are getting ready in the morning, when you’re getting ready for bed, and after snacks and mealtimes. One time that it is also important for you to consider your smile (though you may not have ever considered it) is when you’re exercising. The moments leading up to, throughout, and afterward can be A-OK for your teeth and gums or not so great. Remember, you’re breathing hard, which can dry out your oral tissues (letting bacteria hang around, instead of being flushed bye-bye). So, let’s talk about how to avoid any problems.

Prepping For Exercise: Brush First

When was the last time you brushed your teeth? If you’re about to exercise, it’s a wise idea to brush first. As a result, you can dislodge and rinse away any bacteria and food particles that might hitch a ride as your saliva is likely to dry up a bit. This helps you maintain nice breath and a neutral oral pH (when compared with a mouth full of bacteria and sugar or carbs resting on teeth).

Drink Water Before, During, After

About that whole dry mouth concern: In addition to brushing before you exercise to keep your oral health safe, it’s also wise to drink water. Wet your whistle, so to speak, and make sure you’re hydrated before you start sweating. Sip your water throughout if you wish, as well, to avoid dehydration. After your workout: Drink more water! Simply ensure you get the balance right, so you’re not short on moisture.

Careful With Energy Boosters!

Do you tend to drink a sports drink after you work out? Eat some energy gel? These things will promote an acid oral environment (and decay, etc.). Remember to brush after eating anything before your workout and always choose water over other beverages to protect your oral health.

Protect Your Oral Health While You Exercise With Our Help

We are happy to offer tips for making your way through your workout without accidentally placing your oral health in danger. Find out if you’re making good choices by scheduling a visit with your Ankeny, IA dentist today! Contact Peddicord Family Dentistry to set up an appointment by calling 515-963-3339.