Need A Filling Today? Don’t Delay!

toothfullwhiteAre you trying to decide when to schedule your dental filling? The best time to schedule your filling is immediately – this is always the case. Not sure why this is such a big rush, considering you just have a cavity, not a tooth infection or a broken tooth? Unfortunately, tooth decay can become a bit tricky for people for this very reason: They assume they have time on their side when, in fact, a cavity can lead to severe consequences in the blink of an eye. Learn more and remember to set your appointment up ASAP.

About Tooth Decay

If you find out that you have a cavity and require a dental filling, this is an urgent situation. Even if you do not yet feel any discomfort as a result of the tooth decay, the disease is a progressive one. Translation: The problem will worsen consistently until you treat it. As a result, your nerves will eventually become exposed, leading to significant sensitivity. Treat the issue with a filling and we can clear the decay, restore your tooth, and prevent complications from occurring.

About Scheduling Your Filling

You need to schedule your dental filling immediately because of those potential complications that may arise. Allow us to provide you with a clear understanding of the side effects of neglected tooth decay, so you grasp the significance of acting quickly:

  • The cavity will become quite large
  • A large cavity is going to feel uncomfortable and may lead to a broken tooth
  • A large, deep cavity will allow bacteria to make their way into your tooth, which can lead to infection
  • Infection will require root canal treatment, rather than a filling