Restorative Dentistry: Know Your Treatments

womanthinkingAre you a fan of the fact that we can help you restore your oral health when something doesn’t quite go according to plan? Whether you find yourself suffering the effects of poor dental hygiene, you take excellent care of your teeth but you accidentally break one, or you lose a tooth as the result of periodontal disease – we are ready to help you with restorative dentistry. We practice with a compassionate, judgment-free approach, so you can walk into our office feeling welcome and ready to get your smile back to a healthy, functional state. Fortunately, we offer a comprehensive selection of services!

We Offer Dental Fillings

If you find your tooth had developed tooth decay, it means your tooth tissue has a hole in it. This hole exists because your dental tissue is decaying, the hole growing on a daily basis. We can address this oral disease by stopping the progression of the decay, cleaning out the opening, and replacing lost tissue with a beautiful dental filling.

We Provide Dental Crowns

For significant damage to a tooth (which may occur due to severe tooth decay, an accidental break, or other forms of injury), we may suggest a restorative dentistry treatment called a crown. This is simply a hollow tooth made out synthetic material – it will cover your damaged tooth.

We Perform Root Canal Therapy

To clear an infection, we must clear away the dental pulp from within your tooth with restorative dentistry. Unfortunately, it cannot recover once damaged or infected. To achieve this feat (and keep your tooth where it resides), we perform root canal therapy.

We Offer Extractions

In some instances, the best way to restore your overall oral health is to remove the tooth in question. As a result, we can then move ahead by replacing the tooth, so your smile is both healthy and complete.