Things You Need to Remember if You Have Gum Disease

Some of the more serious consequences of gum disease aren’t always immediately noticeable until the disease has already grown severe. For instance, it’s the leading cause of adult tooth loss when it’s allowed to grow severe, but until then, the symptoms of gum disease might go largely unnoticed if you aren’t diligent about your oral health care. The good news is that detecting and treating gum disease early can help you avoid losing teeth to it, as well as experiencing the many other negative consequences it can have on your oral health.

It won’t go away once it develops

Gum disease is a chronic condition, which means it won’t go away on its own once it’s allowed to develop. When gum disease first forms, the condition is known as gingivitis, and describes an infection in your gum tissues that results from excess oral bacteria buildup. When gum disease develops, it becomes a concern with the health of the tissue itself, which means cleaning away the bacteria with scaling and root planing may not reverse the condition. The best way to protect your smile will be to seek treatment as soon as possible to develop a plan for managing and controlling your gum disease.

It will raise your risks of losing teeth

While you can successfully manage gum disease before it causes you to lose teeth, the fact that your gums are diseased means that your risks of tooth loss will be higher than they were before it developed. This is just one reason why it’s important maintain a consistent schedule of periodontal maintenance and care. If you slack in your oral health care, the disease may have the chance to cause more extensive damage to your gums and the underlying jawbone structure. This damage is the reason why gum disease can often lead to tooth loss, and it’s important to remember that and stay diligent about preventing it.

It can also impact your overall health

When gum disease becomes severe enough, the rampant inflammation that develops in your gum tissues can have an impact on more than just your gums. Inflammation is an immune response that occurs throughout your body. It remains unchecked in your gum tissues because the bacteria that cause gum disease trick your immune response so that it continues unabated. In severe cases, this can increase your risks of chronic, unchecked inflammation in other tissues in your body, making periodontal disease a risk factor in conditions like cardiovascular disease, heart failure, and more.

Learn how to deal with gum disease

Having gum disease could be a more serious issue than you realize, but we can help you control it to mitigate the danger. To learn more, schedule an appointment by calling Peddicord Family Dentistry in Ankeny, IA, today at (515) 963-3339. We also proudly serve patients of all ages who live in Bondurant, Polk City, Elkhart, Alleman, Cambridge, and all surrounding communities.