Your Ankeny Children’s Dentist Discusses Your Child’s Oral Health

When caring for your children’s teeth, prevention is the best approach to good oral health. Developing a regular routine – to the point where it becomes habit – is the surest way to ensure lifelong oral health.

Establishing Good Oral Hygiene Practices

As an adult, you already understand the basics of oral health, such as brushing twice per day, flossing daily, and visiting your Ankeny dentist every six months. The same rules apply to your child, but it is up to you to get them started by establishing an oral care regimen for them.

A good oral care program requires diligence and helping your child associate regular dental care with the normal routine of day-to-day life. You must also lead by example. Brush and floss with your child. This benefits the whole family, and you can make it a fun activity, as opposed to a dreaded requirement.


Welcome to Your Ankeny Dentist’s New Blog

Woman Laughing and SmilingThose of us at Peddicord Family Dentistry are happy to welcome you to our new blog. Our hope is this will become a resource providing you and your family with important educational information about oral health and preventive dentistry. Your Ankeny dentist, Dr. Erika Peddicord, believes strongly in patient education and empowerment through preventive dentistry, working closely with patients to meet their dental needs.

Ankeny Dentist Dr. Peddicord

Dr. Peddicord believes good dentistry starts with identifying and treating problems early. With a focus on prevention and education, she hopes to help her patients lead lives full of comfort and happiness. Dr. Peddicord earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Integrated Physiology from the University of Iowa. She then continued her education at the University of Iowa, College of Dentistry to earn a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. Blending artistic and technical skills, Dr. Peddicord provides dental services with long lasting and beautiful results. She offers sensible treatment plans and is well equipped to provide new, minimally invasive procedures. Licensed by the Dental Board of Iowa and a member of the American Dental Association (ADA), Dr. Peddicord is dedicated to serving your dental needs. (more…)